Since 2012, Pat Timbrook works out of her home studio in West Virginia.

Life before art must have been boring because my first memories of having the most fun was being introduced to Finger Painting in Mrs. Plummer's first grade class...

Before and After...

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Pat Timbrook began painting in 1997. She acquired her art education through self-directed independent study at Frostburg University, in Frostburg, Maryland; mentoring by Gay Holland; and, attending annual seminars of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators, in California.  2016 Completed ART BUSINESS ACADEMY, of XANADU GALLERY, Scottsdale, California.  

• STYLE Her style in acrylic paints is abstract, sometimes organic or geometric. Most often, her subject matters include geometrically abstract shapes, or a particular action or emotion. She uses a layering technique for creating depths in space, as well as other media for textures and interest. Timbrook paintings are gallery-wrapped boxed canvases that are designed to be hung without frames. (The canvases may, of course, be re-stretched and framed, or in deep, shadow-box frame moldings to meet the needs of the collector.) Her palette ranges from bold primary colors to light and airy opaque ones, both of which types have become synonymous of her art. 


Pat and her husband, Fred, have been married since 1968. They are parents to one son, Fred; Daughter-in-law, Kristin; and grandparents to three grandchildren, Fredrick, Caroline, and Lauren. 


2 First National Banks, Romney, WV; Sept. through October Bev Walker Art Gallery, Cumberland Theater, Cumberland, Maryland, October 2016.  




Fred and Kristin Timbrook,  35 paintings and drawings exhibited in their home

Kendall Jackson Family Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, California, 1 painting

 Capital Grill Restaurants, nationwide, 50 prints of Pat’s DESIGN-A-WINE LABEL WINNING painting, "Pairings" 

Allegany Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rob Carpenter, 7 paintings

 Bill and Linda Freas, Ridgeley WV, 3 paintings & prints,

Rob and Chelsey Boyle, Ridgeley WV 1 painting

Nick and Tama Scarpelli; Cumberland MD, 2 art works

Brian and Natalie Bolt, Pittsburgh PA 1 painting

Tim and Kelly Mackie, Cumberland, MD 1painting

Cindy Lin, Ridgeley WV 1 painting

Late Gloria Saville, Cumberland, MD 1 painting

Shirley Giarritta, Cumberland, MD 1 painting

Bill and DebbieShaffer, Cumberland, MD 2 paintings

Bill and Sharon McFadden, Gettysburg, PA 1 painting

Bill and Mary Jane Willis, Dover, DE 1 painting

Kia Dealership, Cumberland, MD.5 paintings

Bonnie Martin, Cumberland, MD, print

Mrs. Mary Gulbronson, Ridgeley, WV, drawing 

Bryan and Diane Thomas, Nashville, TN, 1 painting, 10 prints


 Paintings of Timbrook have been exhibited in national and international juried shows, including the JACOB JAVITTS Convention Center, New York City

 and the Art Rom Gallery, Italy

In 2003, her painting, Abstract Refractions, was chosen “Best of Show” in a member exhibition of a four-state artist group, the Allegany Area Art Alliance, in Maryland. 

In 2011, her painting, Pairings, was selected out of 500+ entries as the winner of the Design-a-Wine-Label National Art Competition, sponsored by Darden Restaurants, with Capital Grille Restaurants for its charity Share Our Strength

2015, partnered with HUMANILITY.ORG an international childrens' ministry, to fundraise and honor the memory of Vince by painting10 original acrylic abstract works, FLOWERS FOR VINCE.” Prints were made available for purchase online. 

2016-2017- London Art Biennale in Chelsea, London, Selected Artist for “Flowers for Vince, #1,” and “Flowers for Vince,#9,” abstract acrylic paintings on canvas.

"Hidden Rainbow" hangs in the music room, complementing the arts. Let me place one or more of my paintings in your lovely home or office.


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