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The Timbrook Famliy

The Timbrook familiy consists of three generations of Fredricks. Grandfather Fred seated with Grandmother Pat; Standing left and seated far left are Fred and Kristin; Standing right is Fredrick and seated second from right and far right are Lauren and Caroline. 

Ministry and Company

Since the 1980s, the company has purposed to exceed expectations of its many customers, and upheld its underlying mission of supporting area pastors, a variety of gospel ministries, and missionaries from worldwide nations and countries.  

Connecting Art to Ministry

In 2016 Pat partnered her art, "Flowers for Vince," 10 acrylic abstract paintings, with in an ongoing effort to bring awareness to the children's ministry in the Philippines, and to honor and remember one of their own, little 5 year old Vince, who was tragically killed in 2016.  


Whether you already support a ministry or cause or not, please check out the ones dearest to our hearts. You may find yourself partnering with them, too.

Thank you if you do.

Pat Timbrook

(children's orphanage for abused and trafficked childern in Bogo.)


(world wide gospel missionary org.)

East West Ministries

gospel ministry

CityReach Network

(Many Christian churches with Hope Homes for addicts.)